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Nothing else works quite like SILIQ

Discover Siliq

If you’ve been living with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, SILIQ may help you achieve and maintain completely clear skin. No other moderate to severe plaque psoriasis treatment works exactly the way SILIQ does — by tapping the brakes on a key factor in the progression of plaque psoriasis.

What’s driving your psoriasis?

It may seem like it’s only skin deep, but psoriasis is triggered by an overactive immune system. This causes inflammation that leads to the production of too many immune cells. When you can't shed skin cells fast enough, red, flaky patches known as plaques are formed.

SILIQ works differently than other psoriasis medicines by blocking a specific group of proteins at the site of inflammation.

In clinical studies

SILIQ was used by more than 4400 patients in clinical studies. The results showed that SILIQ worked quickly to reduce the redness, thickness, and scaling of psoriasis for many people.

Long-lasting, complete results are great, but getting those results faster is even better. By Week 2, 23.1% of patients achieved PASI 75.

So, even if you've been around the block with other treatments without the results you’re looking for, don't give up. Ask your healthcare provider if another medicine, such as SILIQ, may work for you.